Monday, July 12, 2010

being thrifty is nifty

I love a good deal. I never understood my mom when I was a little girl, but now I get it. I get why she would stand at the register in the grocery store for 5 minutes just to find a .50 cent off coupon. I get why she taught me to look at the price tag first before I tried it on or even considered it. I get why she went straight to the back of stores to the clearance section. Her favorite thing to do is respond to a friend's compliment on a cute shirt or pair of shoes by saying, "Thanks! I got it at _____ for only $__!" And now, I do the same thing. :)

My adventures to thrift stores began when I started attending Super Summer, a camp for churches in Oklahoma. We would always go and find clothes in our school color. It was during those visits that I realized I actually found some pretty cute t-shirts. And not just t-shirts.... cute clothes, purses, accessories, shoes, furniture, etc.

Why spend $100 on a chair when you can find a $5 chair in almost perfect condition?
Why spend $70 on jcrew or banana republic pants when you can find those exact brands at thrift stores for only $4?
Why spend $15 on a target frame when you can find one for $1 that has much more character?

It's rewarding to achieve a cute outfit or decorate a room with so little money.

Now, I'm not saying I've taken a vow to only shop at thrift stores. There are rare moments when I may be looking for something specific and might choose to shop at old navy, target, or ross. However, as much as I can stick to the thrift stores, the better.

My friends and I have the best time going to thrift stores in our area. Most of the time we meet some great people, stumble upon some weird and memorable items, and laugh a lot along the way. You should try it. You scurred? Don't be...

Why people don't go to thrift stores/goodwill stores:
-it's dirty
-you have to go through so many clothes to find things you like
-the clothes smell
-you feel weird and cheap

My solutions:
-wash your hands
-you would do this anywhere you shopped... so block out some time and have patience
-wash, wash, wash, and wash
-being weird and cheap is cool

Where to start? Here are my favorite thrifting locations in order of preference:
1. goodwill - 50th and macarthur (excellent selection of clothing and fun items for your home)
2. community thrift - 23rd and macarthur
3. uptown thrift - midwest city (a tad bit pricier than the others... but still thrifty!)
4. goodwill - nw expressway and council
5. heart and hand thrift store - 23rd and council (they usually have a good furniture selection)
6. bargain thrift - 16th and meridian (con: no dressing rooms)
.... there are several others, but those are my personal favorites.

So go visit your local thrift stores/goodwill stores this week! And remember....

Being thrifty is nifty.


  1. Your momma is a smart momma, I know, 'cause she was a smart friend! She taught you well. I have just recently discovered thrift stores myself and you are right, you can find some fun, cute stuff if you look enough. Thanks for sharing your favorite places. Tell your mom hello.


  2. Girl, you have inspired me! I haven't been thrifting in quite some time, but I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Love reading your blog. :)

  3. Have you tried any in Norman?

    ps: there is a men's consignment store here that is AWESOME! It's called Tony's I think? It's down Main by Hastings. We've bought SO many of Kevin's clothes there! The girl's version isn't so great, their prices are still high in my opinion, but the guys is phenomenal! We bought Kevin's wedding tie and shoes there, and half his work wardrobe! haha

    1. Although I've spent some time in Norman, I haven't really explored any thrift shops. I'm sure they have some good ones though!

      And I haven't tried Tony's! Sounds interesting! :)


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