Saturday, July 10, 2010

things that start with the letter 'f'

Thrifty Finds

The great things I purchased in Canton...

it's a christmas tree, not a wizard hat

tissue paper, bows, stationary

blue basket, books

broaches, hair pins, things i'm going to make into broaches/hair pins (p.s. if you happen to click on the picture and see the price tags... everything was actually 1/2 off. AND the lady gave us a deal. :))

owl potholder, napkins

decorative bird, s&p shakers, jack-o-lantern

See? All very useful things. And cheap things.


I mean, look how fun we are. You don't even have to be cute when you go on vacations with us! Buuut you have to be funny.


preparing a glorious meal

spinach salad w/ garlic chips (thanks to pioneer woman)

mmm... it was yummy

That's all for now. I'm off to go on a date with my man. :)


  1. So fun (that starts with an 'f' too!) Claire! My favorites are the broaches/pins you got... so cute!! Can't wait to see you wearing them, and I think it's awesome you got your meal for the night from another fellow blogger.
    Hope you had a wonderful date with 'yo man'! We're really happy we'll see you both so soon! Love you guys!

  2. haha i love it. yall are too funny!


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