Tuesday, August 17, 2010

church bulletin, church schmulletin

Yesterday was a dreary day. It was a day filled with to-do lists that could never be addressed due to meetings, emails, emergency phone calls, etc. I drove home totally exhausted, frustrated, and completely unprepared for the first day of school.

My mind was reeling of all the things that I didn't get done when I saw a church bulletin. Usually my mindset when reading church bulletins is not of the purest nature. I find spelling/grammar errors or terrible ideas such as, "we STILL sing hymns." This time it was different. It read:

"God's provisions are never exhausted."

On a day when I felt so overwhelmed and defeated, I needed this. While I can be exhausted to the very last drop with nothing left to give, God cannot.

We start school tomorrow and I'm excited to see what this year holds.


  1. What a sweet thought. Love you :)

  2. And He'll give you the strength you need at every second of the day. I'm really excited for this year and wish we could attend one of your student's wonderful performance. You'll impact their lives more than you'll realize, Claire.


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