Saturday, September 18, 2010

this and that

I was in search of new music notation software and was planning on just updating what I had. However, Sibelius was recommended to me and it is a new best friend.

(photo credit here)

I saw these 'Harvest' blocks on this blog and I really would like to do these for Fall ... anyone want to join?? :)

(photo credit here)

This was one of my last thrifty purchases for the Summer. I got this lovely 8pc set of dessert plates and tea cups for just $12!

My dear friend, Katie, got married and had a Christmas-themed bachelorette party where we all brought ornaments. I decided to make my own and, in the process, thought of how fun it will be to get the tree out this year. I cannot wait for cold weather!

And, most recently, The Timberline Hike, my band, just finished our second album entitled, "Oil Stock and English Kids." Our CD release show is tomorrow and we would love for you to join us!


  1. cute cute cute ornaments! wish we could have come to your show, from the facebook comments, it sounds like it is going GREAT! cant wait to hear from you!!

  2. When I order a copy of the cd, can I also order some Christmas ornaments and Harvest letters from you?? I LOVE your tea-cup set, can't believe you got it for $12!! Miss you Claire, I hope you are doing well and school is... good. :) I'm sure you guys ROCKED tonight. So wish we could have been there!!


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