Thursday, October 21, 2010

top 6 things about fall break mornings

Each break or day off I have, I'm reminded of so many things that I wish I could see or had time to enjoy every morning. Here are the top 6:

1. Waking up at 8:15 a.m. - That's nice. But along with that, waking up at a time when the sun is beginning to shine through my window is even nicer. It makes me feel like I'm getting up with the rest of the world, rather than in the pitch black. Also, there's more potential for tripping over things in the dark .... getting up early + tripping over things makes for a very grumpy Claire.

2. Feeding the dogs - Dogs are always in a good mood. They want to see you, play with you, lick you, etc. On every day that I work, feeding the dogs is Colt's job. Why? Because I'm grumpy, remember? I barely get up in enough time to make it to work so I'm definitely not going to go spend time with the dogs.

3. Going on a run - I try to run 3-5 times a week, but lately it just hasn't happened. I promised myself I would get into my running routine once I 'got in the swing of things' with school starting back. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's been a full 9 weeks of school and the 'swing of things' is not happening. I'm going to have to go off on this for a bit.

Running before school is optimal, but barely possible. Running after school is terrible, but totally doable.

Morning runs are my favorite, but as a low-maintenance girl (when it comes to getting ready, at least), thinking of showering, drying my hair, and doing my hair ALL in one chunk of time is miserable. All of that ... before work? I take showers at night so my hair dries while I sleep. It's multi-tasking, people.

"Why don't you go to school with your hair wet?" I had an adjunct professor at OBU that came to school with wet hair in 2 braids every day. Not doing that. "Why don't you just run and not wash your hair when you're done?" Hilarious. I am a sweater. Not a winter clothing piece ... I sweat immensely when I exercise. My hair is drenched, so no, that is not an option. Running, showering, and all that comes with that is not a good routine for my typical morning. Today, however, it's a lovely routine.

4. Watching Ellen - Do I even have to explain why? She's hilarious!

5. Sleeping while Colt leaves for work - I know, I know, it sounds really selfish, but Colt would prefer it this way as well. I'm in a much better mood if this happens! There's something about getting up in the pitch black by yourself and seeing your husband sleep (even if it is just for 10 more minutes). Colt is a morning person ... in other words, he's crazy. He loves mornings and wants to chit-chat when I want to moan and groan and say no words. I always tell him that I could love mornings if I could get up later. Maybe when the SUN is shining?? Anyway, sleeping after Colt is already up is just an all-around good idea.

6. Eating breakfast one bite at a time - What? Isn't that what I do every day? NO! I don't eat breakfast. I shove breakfast ... along with answering questions, replying to emails, taking student's money, writing receipts, filling out bus requests, taking attendance, etc. Yes, all of that happens at once and usually right when I walk in the door. I never knew as a vocal music teacher I'd need to also have business management skills along with being an accountant and a mom. Surprise! So today, I will eat my breakfast at my leisure.

Time to enjoy my Fall Break! I have about 38 things that I want to accomplish today and I can't wait!


  1. i love this post. because i feel the same way about everything!! haha especially about getting mad when you see your husband getting to sleep when you have to be getting ready. . . .I think every morning "this is NOT how it is supposed to be!!!" haha. love you, enjoy your day!

  2. look at me! I DO read your blogs, i promise. and i love every single letter typed. you're beautiful and transparent and i adore you. i hope you enjoy your pretty fall morning. i love you!

  3. I love that it's not "top 3" or "top 5" but Top SIX! So glad this break is finally here and, heck yes, do whatever you WANT!
    The Fall in Portland is beautiful too, so if you want to stop by... anytime! :)

  4. this is, by far, my favorite blog post ever!!! oh my gosssssshhhh i loved it, and i love you! so happy you have a few mornings to enjoy doing your own thing :) miss you!


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