Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

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Not your conventional day of Black Friday shopping. Sure, I had a few things in mind that I wanted, but no big screen tvs, washer/dryer, wii, etc. Sara and I met at about 7:15, got some coffee at Starbucks, and we were on our way.

We hit a few places in the mall, Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, and then headed to our favorite thrift stores. We got some great things but we also heard/thought about some great things along the way.

First, most stores have tape or a series of dots that direct you to where the check-out line is and how it should flow in the store. This is funny to me. On no other day is this a problem. Black Friday hits and BAM, we're all 5 years old and can't stay in our place in line and use our logic. "He cut!" "No, she cut first!!" I mean, people get killed on Black Friday. It's ridiculous.

Second, one store had an employee take those security things off of the clothes you're purchasing while you're waiting in line to check out. Good thing I don't like to steal things. It would have been very easy.

Third, while Sara was trying on a very cute pair of shoes, a sales lady came up to us. Now, I'm not a fan of sales people in shoe stores. Please don't look at my feet and make whole conversations about them. Anyway, her comment on the shoes was, "I love those shoes. They're not ones you want to wear to the club, but they're great for church!" Thank you, sales lady, thank you.

And fourth, this is the last interesting convo of the day ...

Cashier: "Uh, sir, you can't be in here."
Customer: "Why..."
Cashier: "Because you were in here the other day and you stole something."
(Customer slowly walks out.)

That's how you know you're in a thrift store.

Welp, hope you all had a lovely Friday after Thanksgiving!

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