Monday, November 22, 2010

being a grown-up

For a few months, our sink had been spewing out water ... and not in the right places. We set up a little contraption of sponges around the faucet and lived with it for awhile. (Yeah, pretty jank.) Eventually, we called someone out to fix it. He 'fixed' it. A few weeks later, the spewing returned. We called the company and we were past the date of which the service was guaranteed. (Even more jank.) (P.S. If I type things in parentheses, they can be fragments.) So, in order to fix this problem, we needed to buy a new faucet and knobs and if we're getting a new faucet and knobs, we might as well get a new sink. We began saving up and with a little sink money from my parents, we were able to get this:

I never knew how excited I could get over a new sink! I'm a real woman with a real sink that doesn't spew water and that looks normal! That's one of the moments when you know ...

... that you're a grown-up.

How do you know when you've entered grown-up land?

We all had ideas when we were kids of what grown-ups did and thought about. For example, when I heard big people talking about what they were going to 'major' and 'minor' in or what their 'degree' was ... I thought, "I'll never understand those words." So precious. Little did I know that those words lead to job applications and applications lead to jobs and jobs lead to earning money and money leads to stress and ... I'll stop there.

Here are a few grown-up moments of mine:

I remember hating "Weekend Update" on SNL when I was a kid. BOOORING. One day, in college, I realized that I loved it and that it was hilarious.

Cooking definitely wasn't fun and then one day, I was talking with my other girl friends about recipes ... and we kept talking ... and kept talking .... about recipes. I remember thinking this was new and strange.

Talking with the lady in charge of insurance and benefits for a new job sounded like another language, but I survived.

Living with a boy and buying a house with a boy. That was crazy business.

Finding yourself (Colt) in stacks of papers doing taxes for the first time was quite the experience.

Budgeting with Colt is something that is actually fun to me and I feel like jumping through the ceiling when it works out perfectly.

Although a lot of responsibility comes with being an adult, it is pretty fun. And, hey, we're still kids at heart anyway, right? Except ... we get to drive cars and make our own money and live in our own house and stay up however late we want to.

When did you know that you were a grown-up?

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  1. Love this, Claire!

    I agree that buying a house is just a super grown-up thing to do.

    I find myself not wanting to buy any new clothes so I can put that money toward home stuff. That's the weirdest to me, because I really just used to love buying clothes.


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