Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday morning interview

Today, we visited Our Lord’s Community Church for the second time. Instead of a sermon, the pastor interviewed an older couple. They had been married 49 years and were still so in love.

He kept referring to her as “honey” and the way they looked at each other was so beautiful. With each question, they’d each prompt the other by saying something along the lines of, “Honey, tell them about what your mom said that day” or “You should talk about what happened your sophomore year of college.” They knew EVERYTHING about each other. It made me realize how much Colt and I still get to learn about each other.

He said in their 49 years of marriage, not one time has she refused to have company or cook a meal for someone at the drop of a hat. He expressed his appreciation of her willingness to serve and to be selfless at any time.

They shared about how they had to make “adjustments” when they got married. At that, they laughed ... a lot. He was never late until he married her. He said her father would lose his watch and realize he lost it 3 weeks later.

They shared about the loss of their son and how they learned to cope. She said it was right before the 3 year mark when she finally "got her joy back." "Our disappointment are His appointments," is what he said.

There's just something about listening to 2 people share their love story and the things they've learned about each other, life, and God in the past 75-80 years. It was an inspiring morning.


  1. this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. love it.

  2. love it, claire. love that you're going to Our Lord's, love that you're feeling inspired and desiring to know Colt more and more. Love you both.


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