Monday, November 15, 2010

woman question

A couple of weeks ago, Colt turns to me and says, "I have a woman question for you."

My mind begins to wander. What could this question be? He asks me lots of questions, but he's never had to preface it like this. Hmm ...

So I said, "Okay ... I'm kinda weirded out, but what is it?"

"How do women get it to where when they walk by you, you can smell them?"

Now, if that sentence structure and wording doesn't make sense to you, just read it a few more times and it might.

I laughed first and then explained that nice perfume or lotion can stay on a woman all day. Therefore, when they walk by you, you can smell it. I also explained that I don't have nice perfume or lotion. Therefore, I am not one of those women.

So glad I could help him understand just one more complexity of the female gender. :)

Just a silly story for a day that needed one. Goodnight.


  1. Lil' advice for colt: christmas is coming, there are some smelly & nice parfums out there that your lovely wife might just love. ;)

  2. haha! love it. and mirela is just might be "one of those women" in a few short weeks!


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