Monday, December 13, 2010

#13: another favorite gift

Well, I've already said my favorite Christmas gift was my homemade barbie house, but I do have one more favorite to add to the list.

I was a junior in high school and I walked out into the living room to find a keyboard. It was 88 keys and it was weighted ... just what I wanted! I was just entering into a time when I was starting to feel comfortable playing and singing at the same time and writing my own music. I had been dreaming of a keyboard like this. There were many, many nights I'd plug in my headphones and play while everyone else was sleeping.

I've gotten a new one since then and told my dad, "Hey, if you guys want this back for mom to use, you can have it." He replied, "Well, we can pay you for it." And I said, "Dad, I'm not going to make you pay for this keyboard twice!" So, it's at home with my parents now. :)

That keyboard was a huge stepping stone in my life as a musician. My mom is one of the most incredible pianists you will ever know. Does she read chord charts, arrange music, write music, perform art music, play by ear, play every style, and sight read like a maniac? YES. She is crazy good.

What does this have to do with my keyboard? Well, I'm just grateful to have parents that are not only talented, but that encourage(d) my talent. This Christmas gift was one of those supportive moments where I felt them saying, "Yes, you are good at this and yes, you should keep going." So, thanks mom and dad.

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  1. Claire, I remember watching you perform "Fallen" at Follies and wondering if you came from a supportive, musical family or just had parents that forced you to take piano lessons. :) Of course, anyone who knows you at all can tell you love it! Anyway, now that I'm unemployed and have ample time to stalk my friends via their blogs, I'm really enjoying your posts. And, by the way, I just switched my iTunes from shuffle to Sarah, haha. Happy holidays!


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