Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#14: santa's letters

I believed in Santa until one day in 4th grade. I'm pretty sure Hilary Barker-Knippers was a part of it. (If you're reading this, Hilary, it's okay ... no hard feelings. :)) We were in Mrs. Sharp's class and I overheard a conversation that was going on about Santa. I hadn't doubted Santa, but now he seemed a little fishy. I came home, asked my parents for the truth, and they told me. I knew it wasn't really a big deal because, hey, I'm still going to get presents from the people that were pretending to be Santa.

Karlie, my younger sister who doesn't seem so young these days, was still little and believed in Santa Claus. Although I knew the truth, I decided to make it my mission that Karlie keep believing for as long as possible. I typed her a letter every Christmas on Microsoft Word with some kind of swirly/old timey font. Of course, I could refer to very specific things in her life and she was totally amazed. Every year, she would read these letters in amazement. I was so excited. It was working!

I hope I don't totally ruin her reputation by saying that I'm pretty sure I kept her going until 7th grade. Yes, she heard other people say he wasn't real, but I mean, she was getting letters from him! So, naturally, he's real. Finally, she asked for the truth one day and she got it.

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of my strategy. As I sit here now thinking about how thrilled she was reading those letters, it makes me a little emotional. Believing in Santa was a magical thing. I hope that you all got to do it. :)

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