Friday, December 17, 2010

#17: one week off

I've already expressed my excitement for school closings as a kid (and I guess as a grown-up, too). However, there was one specific time I'll never forget.

In December of 2007 I was finishing up my student teaching at Norman North HS. I had one week left and before that week began, a HUGE snow/ice storm came through. School was cancelled Monday ... Tuesday ... Wednesday ... Thursday ... AND Friday. THE WHOLE WEEK OFF. Does that ever happen?? Well, in Norman it did.

I remember each night, sitting in our cozy Oak Hollow home in Shawnee, watching the tv screen as the closings went by. My roommates and I were in disbelief every night! This week was finals week for them, so it was perfect because they weren't in class all day. I remember us hoping our electricity would go out so we could light candles around the house and just cuddle in blankets.

So, to all of you students and teachers out there, here's to a few days of missing school this winter season!

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