Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#21: 3 bucks, 2 bags, 1 me

So, I didn't really only have 3 bucks, I certainly wasn't allowed to have 2 bags, but there was just 1 me. Oh yes, I'm talking about NYC!

Ah, Christmas time in New York. Well, we weren't there during Christmas ... we came back just in time to resume our normal Christmas Eve/Christmas Day activities. This trip was December of my sophomore year in college and we went with the Britt family.

I'm going to try and hit on the high points of the trip, but there were about 294, so I'll do my best to be brief.

Siblings :)

Good Morning America


Yep, subway strike right when we landed in NYC. Yep, subway strike lifted right when our plane took off from NYC.

Moms and Daughters

Loving Josh's face

Josh showing off his dancing skills

Don't they just look like wee little babies?? So cute.

And, like, duh, like, we went shopping.

I really wish I knew what was happening right here, but whatever the situation, I love it.

There she is.

The Britt Family

The Clifford Family

Lovely parents

Another AMAZING musical

NYC can do this to you, but it's totally worth it.

I love taking vacations, I love the Britt family, and I love New York. Such a wonderful memory!

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