Sunday, December 5, 2010

#5: christmas lights

Growing up, my family always put up Christmas lights. Usually we stuck with white ones on the house and that was it. I had the bedroom facing the street so I got to put the fake candle lights in my window. I loved those lights. They created an orange glow in my room that was so warm and lovely to sleep with. :)

I always wanted to be the family with the crazy Christmas lights and spirit exploding from every corner of the house and yard. Those people were the coolest. I wanted a sign in the yard and an award. I wanted to win.

So, one year, we tried it; and by 'we,' I mean my dad. We did lights on the house, candles in the window, lit wreaths hanging on the house, Santa in the yard, a lit "NOEL" sign, a cross on our roof ... and I'm probably still missing a few things. Basically, it felt like we addressed every idea, theme, and feeling of Christmas in our yard. So, no, this was not the traditional Clifford family Christmas house. We pulled out all the stops this time.

Did we win 1st place? Nope. Did we win anything? Nope. But was it awesome? Yes! Although we never went that crazy ever again, I will say that I truly enjoy our simple lights that my dad puts up every year. We tried to be the Griswolds and it just wasn't our style. So, here's to keeping it simple for the holiday season!

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