Saturday, December 4, 2010

#4: song of mine in three-quarter time

I wasn't really what you would call 'involved' in my high school. The one thing I did do was show choir, or sho-cho, as we lovingly nicknamed it. Although I'm sure my teacher, Mrs. Hulsey, might have disagreed some days (and rightfully so!), it was the best thing to wake up and do. It was every morning at 7:45 a.m. and I loved it. Nothing like breaking a sweat in the first hour and a half of school. Breaking a sweat in show choir? Pleeease. Yes, breaking a sweat.

One of the best parts about being in show choir in high school was Christmas time. As a choral department, we had a lot of traditions. Chorale always sang "And the Glory of the Lord" or the "Hallelujah Chorus." "Carol of the Bells" rotated between chorale and show choir. Show choir always did "Baby, it's Cold Outside" and "The Christmas Waltz." It was such a fun time of the year to sing and learn these songs.

As a middle-schooler looking forward to high school, I would watch them do "The Christmas Waltz" and only wish I would someday get to do that. The men wore their tuxes and the ladies wore formals. It was a beautiful thing to watch and hear.

So, once I was getting to learn it myself, I was in heaven. If you were a part of this, you'll never forget hearing, "CORNERS!" at the instrumental break or remember how tricky that next little instrumental break was to learn for the first time ... step-step-step turn, step-step-step turn.

What a fun time that was! It's one of those songs that can bring tears to my eyes. It brings back such sweet memories of my show choir friends. And while we're at it, let's revisit them!

(Yes, there were guys in show choir, but I don't have any pictures of them on my computer. I'll have to revert back to the old days and scan them in sometime. :))

Here are two pictures from the 2003 Christmas Concert.

The altos ...

All the girls ...

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