Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#7: the pose

Mark, Karlie, and I have a pose that we do every Christmas Eve. Now that I think about it, I think we've skipped the past few years ... but hey, who's counting?

So, here it is:

This one was taken in 2003 and no, that is not a wig. Long story short: box coloring gone terribly wrong. (I'll save that story for another post. It deserves its own.)

I feel bad for Mark. I mean, look at him. Karlie and I are as happy as can be, flying free without a care in the world! And then, there's Mark. He's such a good sport. And, of course, it gets worse every year. When I was 14 and Karlie was 9, it was a breeze! Not so much anymore. I'm thinking about bringing it back this year since we've skipped a few.

Hmm ... so where shall we put Colt?

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