Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#8: kerr christmas

Kerr Christmas was a mini holiday show that was held in the lobby of an OBU dorm, Kerr. There were small skits interspersed with musical acts that were always sure to entertain. It was usually 2-3 weeks before the end of the fall semester so, by this point, everybody needed a little break. A night full of apple cider, hot chocolate, music, caroling and comedy was necessary. Kerr Christmas is definitely one of my favorite memories from OBU.

These are the times I miss at Christmas. It was so easy in college to get together with best friends and enjoy a night together.

Here are some of my Kerr Christmas memories...

Sibling Picture: Anna and Abby, Mark and Claire

Look at all of our sweet little rosy faces. It always got SO hot in there!

Mark, my brother, as Santa Claus? Yes, yes, it is him.

Ah yes, the year Colt and Ben were in charge. Judging by the boys you're seeing, outfits they're wearing and eggnog they are holding, you can guess what kind of night this was. :)

Each year there was some sort of caroling that went on a few times during the show. One year, my group of friends and I were asked to be the 'awkward' carolers. 'Awkward' is a word that used to be cool and funny. Then, it was overused. Now, I hate using it. But, anyway, that was our title. Honestly, it was bound to be awkward whether we tried or not. Strangely enough, Ashley (green scarf) is one of the most hilariously awkward people I know and she actually looks the most normal. The rest of us have adopted her body language traits. If you don't know Ashley, you should. She's great. (love you, Ashley :))

Gracious, I could just cry thinking of all you ladies. I miss you so much and am thankful for your friendship.

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