Sunday, January 30, 2011

friday night at yamato

2 nights ago, I got to have dinner with Sara and Reese at Yamato.  We think each other are the funniest people we know and that is our favorite restaurant, which makes for a lovely evening.  I would say that 9 times out of 10, we end up sitting at the weirdest tables.  This night was no different.

I wish I could have recorded all of this, but I'll try my best to give you a glimpse into our dinner experience.

Two couples sat down on one side of us, not knowing each other.  One of the couples sat quietly and listened, but one couple talked incessantly.  And, to be clear, the guy of this pair said nothing.  By the end of the meal, I knew where this couple went on their honeymoon, where she got her wedding dress, how long they'd been together, how much her wedding shoes cost (and the fact that they were marked down from $50 to $29.90), what her 'getting pregnant' plan is, and how hard her anatomy class is ... and much more, unfortunately.  The poor girl in the other couple tried to give her 2 cents every once and while, but was only one-upped by loud girl.  Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention ... she was LOUD!  Poor Reese was the closest to her and felt like her ear was going to fall off by the end of the meal.

On the other side of us, closest to me, was a very sophisticated couple.  This all started to go down the drain when the rice was served.  If you've been to Yamato, you know their rice is excellent.  You also know that their rice has a lot of pepper in it.  I love pepper.  There could never be too much pepper for me.  The lady said, loudly and with sarcasm, "Man, could you put some more pepper in this rice?"  The cook acted oblivious to the comment and continued cooking the main courses.

One of the first things he laid down was her salmon.  It remained there until most of our other food was served.  The cook finally gave her the salmon.  She took a bite and, like a young child, reached in her mouth, grabbed the piece with her fingers, and put it back onto the plate.  This was followed by loud complaints about the salmon. "I mean, you can't mess up fish!  Honey, we put our salmon on 350 degrees for 7 minutes and it's done!  This is the dryest salmon I've ever had.  I can't believe he messed up salmon!"  She continued to poke and prod at her salmon, displaying to the rest of the table how dry it was.  She eventually complained to the cook who, in response, said, "Would you like to have this other salmon?"  This 'other' salmon was actually an extra piece that he had cooked ... but it had cooked the same amount of time that her salmon had.  I'm not sure why he thought this would fix the problem.  She immediately said no.  He offered it to the rest of our table and we didn't take it, as she had basically murdered her salmon and made it look like the most unappetizing food ever.  ... Oh, but wait, I hear a voice ... ah, yes, the girl.  Loud girl.  She said, "Well, I mean, I'll take it if no one else is going to."  I almost lost it.  Sophisticated girl glared at her with eyes that could kill.  If eyes could talk, hers said You idiot.  You haven't stopped running your mouth this entire time AND you have no class, as you are choosing to eat dry fish.

The 2 couples left the table and we remained with the sophisticated couple.  We actually talked with them a bit and they were very nice.  Then, they left and it was just us.  Like usual, we sat and talked for another hour after our check was processed.  Something I didn't mention before was the table of drunk people across from us.  Well, there were about 9 people at this table and only 2 of them were tipsy.  However, they were loud enough for me to feel like the whole table was wasted.  We hadn't really paid much attention to them because our ears had enough to deal with as it was.  So, at the end of everything, one of the drunk girls walks by us and says, "Girls, did you enjoy your food?"  "Yes ..."  "Well, good for you (dripping with sarcasm)."

The three of us were left sitting at the table very confused and very exhausted.

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  1. Hahaha, oh goodness. You three always have the most ridiculous experiences. Thanks for sharing. :)


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