Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the timberline hike

So, I play in a band with 3 boys, one of which is my husband.

We have been playing together for about 4-5 years.  We don't play all the time, we don't have a million albums, we don't have time to tour, and we don't make our livings off of playing music.  We practice/write together once a week, we have 2 albums, we all have day jobs, and we only get paid to play music when we get asked.

We all would love for this to be our livelihood, but who doesn't?  We do our best and that's all we can do.

"Why are you telling me?"  Well, we just put our most recent album, "Oil Stock & English Kids," on Noise Trade.  This means you can download our album for FREE.  If you don't feel like getting it for free, you can always purchase it on itunes, along with our first album, "Incomplete Synopsis."  And hey, if you want to go even further, send me a check and I'll mail you a real CD!

Visit our myspace for more information about The Timberline Hike.  Your support is appreciated.

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