Sunday, January 2, 2011

so this is the new year

The new year post. Everybody's doin it.

I am determined to accomplish in the year of 2011 ... not to necessarily be accomplished at everything I do, although that would be nice, but to accomplish.  What do I want to accomplish?  My 246 dreams I have for my life.  Okay, not really 246, but I have a lot.  I'd like to accomplish a few this year.

When speaking with a respected mentor of mine about arranging/writing choral music (one thing I want to accomplish), I said, "I just don't know when to work on it.  I don't have any time with this job."  She understands this statement, as she is in the same profession as me.  However, she said, "You won't ever do it until you decide that your dream is worth your time."  It's very true.  So, when I come home from a 12 hour, or longer, day of school/musical practice and I want to relax and do nothing ... maybe I should use half of that time writing or brainstorming or sitting at the piano.  It's just a choice I have to make.

More thoughts on 2011 to come ...

Happy New Year!

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