Monday, February 14, 2011

my funny valentine

First, a short little story:  My mom saw a Valentine heart ring on top of a cupcake the other night with words on it.  (similar to the candy hearts)  It said, "Text me."  She said, "Welcome to 2011."  I laughed. :)

Colt and I told each other that this year we were not going to be cutesy or do surprises or spend a bunch of money on each other.  We agreed on this.

I woke up this morning to a boy in my face.  He was telling me to get out of bed.  Then, I realized it was Colt.  (It takes me a second to really wake up.)  He told me to come in the kitchen.  Dunkin Donuts!  Oh, how I love donuts.  Coffee and donuts.  I could have it every day.  So, we sat and had a lovely breakfast together.  

We left for work and went our separate ways.  Colt drove my car and planned to take it to Rick Jones during his lunch break.  Yesterday one of my back windows slid down into the car door.  So, I drove his car to work today.  

I went to the dentist after school for a cleaning and, of course, I needed a filling.  I can never go for just a cleaning.  This does not have to do with my dental hygiene.  It's genetic.  I've done my research.  Don't get me started.

Because of this appointment, my mom told me not to worry about coming back to school for musical practice.  So, I took Colt's car though a car wash.  Gah, I love going through car washes.  If only they were about 30 minutes longer; it'd be a great nap.  I ran home, got the car vac out, and cleaned the inside of his car.  You see, he was going to thoroughly clean his car on Sunday but he ran out of time.  I decided I would help him check this off of his list.

I pulled it in the garage and placed my card in his seat, complete with an itunes giftcard.  I wrote, "I love the places you take me.  I love the music you make.  I love you, Colt."

He came home and was very surprised.  Mission accomplished.

We didn't plan on being cutesy or spending money or surprising each other, but sometimes you just can't help it.  It really is an addicting thing ... making the one you love happy.  You can almost get lost in it.

But, hey, isn't that what marriage is about anyway?  Serve the other so much that you eventually forget what you want in the first place. 

Happy Valentines Day!

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