Monday, March 14, 2011


Colt and I took a trip to Chicago for the past few days.  We left Wednesday evening, stayed in St. Louis, and then made the rest of the trip on Thursday.  

Here are a few highlights:

-Thursday night, we got to see a couple of great friends in a show at Gorilla Tango Theatre.  Two friends from college were a part of it and it was so great to see them ... and to see them doing what they love.  Here's a little snippet about the show ... 

Finally, sketch comedy has caught up with the cutting-edge classroom technology of 1994. An Overhead Project harnesses the awesome power of a standard classroom overhead projector to address issues such as death, sad animal movies, the metric system, and the dangers of being an unaccompanied man on a late-night train. So grab your Trapper Keeper and your Jellie Pens and get ready for the most fun you've had since narrowly passing 8th grade Geography.

-Running across the lawn at Millenium Park at night to get across to the bean ... and knowing that as a 24 yr old, I can still get in trouble by 'important' people in yellow jackets with walkie talkies in hand.

-We had wonderful hosts, Jason and Kelli, who prepared a lovely meal the night we arrived and had yummy breakfast food every morning.

-When visiting the Hershey Store, there was a lady behind the counter singing and putting on a little show for the young children watching.  She was making a brownie just the way they wanted it ... gobs of icing, chunks of candy on top.  At the end, she said she'd give it away to the person who said "I love chocolate" four times in the loudest voice.  Naturally, we were paying no attention to any of this until we heard the words "competition" and "winner."  We all, especially Mackenzie, pushed DH to compete and he did.  And he won.  We got a few scowls from parents and other people our age.  "Way to go ... you beat all the kids" and other comments like that were made.  Oh well, we sat down and enjoyed our ridiculously rich treat together. :)

-We listened to "The Hunger Games" while we drove.  I loved it!

-One night was spent playing Rock Band at Wade's house.  I sang a few Lady Gaga tunes and one Alanis song.  But, what song was my highest score of the night?  "Drop it like it's hot"

I'm glad to be home for Spring Break this week so I can clean up the aftermath of the past few musical months that have taken a toll on our laundry, dishes, and everything else.  Off to run and plan meals for the week!

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