Saturday, May 7, 2011


Lately ...

-There's been a part of me that's been really down about my level of physical activity.  I think my foot injury kept me safe from the half marathon.  I'm sure there were some pregnant women out there, but in those conditions, I would have been very concerned about my body, especially my body with a baby.  I'm totally okay with the fact that I didn't run.  The part that's not fun is that my besties, Sara and Reese, are just now getting into running.  While I'm excited that someday we can share this together, I'm pretty sad that it's finally happening when I can't be running as much.  Sounds silly, I know, but it really is a downer.

-My mom and I are not returning to teach next year.  Although there are a million uncertainties out there for the next several months, one thing I am certain about is that I should not return.  (more on this later ...)  My mom will go back to what she was doing before - teaching piano, accompanying for schools, playing for weddings/funerals, etc.  I will do something I've never done before - just teach piano.  In October, the 'just' will no longer be 'just,' as I will be entertaining a new little person in our household.  But until October, knowing I will be doing this one thing is a relief I could never put into words.  So, if you know someone that wants piano lessons, send them my way!

-My appetite is growing.  I am always hungry.  I have recently developed a craving for ham and mayonnaise sandwiches.  They are my favorite right now!

-Phil, Megan, and Cooper are living with us right now while their house is being built.  It's so fun!  We pretty much share the duties around the house and it's certainly not a problem to see little Coop crawling around on our floor every day.  :)

This post is just as scattered as my brain is lately.  Lots of thoughts, concerns, excitement, hopes, and worries running through my head constantly.  It's just one of those 'in a funk' kind of times I suppose.  But hey, things eventually work themselves in one way or another and, regardless, God is good.

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  1. hey. think of it like this. i am honestly JUST doing it for Cheryl. i highly doubt running is going to be my thing. so, dont you get sad, because we will all be doing millions of things together for the rest of our lives :) you're stuck with me lady, whether you like it or not ;) iloveyou.


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