Thursday, June 23, 2011

a little recording project

Today, I start something that has been on my list for years.  It's something I finally decided I would accomplish this summer.  I'm going to begin recording a short 5-7 song EP with Aaron Mowery.  My plan is to just have piano and vocals.  It's not going to be a crazy production, but it will be true to what I write.

This is kind of a new world for me.  While I've been writing songs for years, I've never recorded/performed them on my own.  Well, I played some originals at Cuppies once or twice ... And, we play two of mine as a band (The Timberline Hike), but they are my security blanket.  We work and change and tweak things altogether, so it feels like one big comfy family.  Recording on my own and putting my stuff out there without the Thike is scary.  (and by "out there," I literally just mean "out of my head")

I figure if you let things pile up long enough, you just won't do them.  Once I have this baby boy in October, I can see myself feeling like I have no time or energy left to do this little project.  I have to do it now.

I'm really excited to get started today and I'll keep you updated on the progress as we go!

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