Friday, June 24, 2011

my love for planners

I love lists, planners, and organization.  It's silly, but every summer since my 9th grade year, I've looked forward to getting a new planner.  So, I got a new one last night and I can't even wait to start filling it in! I know, it's dorky.  

Another dorky thing is that I really have a problem getting rid of my past planners.  In fact, I have never gotten rid of one.  But, it's like a little journal keepsake of life.  If I want to know what my life was like my junior year of college, I can look at my planner.  Anyway, it's a habit that's okay for now, but when I'm 40 and have had 20+ planners, it might not be so cute.  What's one thing that you absolutely cannot get rid of?  Make me feel better. :)


  1. Right there with you on both accounts :) One great thing about a planner as a mom is that it can help you make little notes about naps/feedings when they're little, and then I also just make little notes about "firsts," things he's liking/hating, etc. Journaling is a bit tough for a new mom, but I can definitely write a few bullets each day about my boy! Now it really is a keepsake!

  2. Pictures!! Possibly of every single stage of life. It's ridiculous... I did keep planners for a while but came to that question: what am I going to do with all these??? And started throwing it away... :/ Pictures, though, I keep them all. Good things they're all digital these days!! :)


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