Monday, July 18, 2011

25 years and 25 weeks

Last week I turned 25 years old.  Last week was also my 25th week of pregnancy.  Both were great. :)

I haven't updated lately on the status of our baby boy, but things have been wonderful.  I have loved feeling every kick and somersault in my belly.  It seems like a lot of times all I have to do is think about him, then he moves!  When I got my last ultrasound at 22 weeks, I melted when I saw his face.

We were trying to get him to move his hands ...

He felt us poking around and thought it'd be funny to just keep them there.  Look at that smile!

There's something so human and real about a smile.  It's interesting how it's not necessarily something that we pick up on once we're brought into the world ... it's something that's already inside of us.  The moment I watched the corners of his lips go up into a smile was one of the most emotional moments I've had so far.  I could replay it over and over again.

The doctor made the comment, "Well, he's a pretty big baby!"  Here we go, I thought.  My mom had my brother at over 10 lbs. so maybe it's a family thing.  We shall see.  (I also think it's funny how he's a tad bigger than the norm right now and everyone was consistently making comments about how I'm not big enough.  We all know so little!)  Anyway, I still stand by the statement that I enjoy being pregnant.  Although the heat has made it tricky lately, it's still such a gift to be carrying a life around with you.

I also had a wonderful 25th birthday.  It was shared all week in dinners/lunches with friends and family, cards in the mail, and texts and phone calls with fun renditions of "Happy Birthday."  I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Thank you all for making it so special.

Colt and I celebrated this past weekend.  We had an outdoor wedding on Saturday evening in Tulsa to run sound/play for, so afterwards, he surprised me with a fun stay at the Hyatt that night.  After many, many hours in the heat, all I wanted to do was shower and watch tv in bed ... and that's exactly what we did.  On Sunday, we woke up late and had brunch at the Palace Cafe.

So, here's to being a quarter of a century old and 15 weeks out from having a baby in my hands!


  1. love the pictures of your sweet baby boy! so so exciting! he will be here before you know it!c

  2. I am SO SO glad we got to spend some of your birthday week with you! And I am glad you went to Palace - it's one of Eric and I's favorite places!

    P.S. My sweet mom had 4 babies that weighed over 10lbs, so if you need any encouragement I will send her your way :)


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