Friday, July 22, 2011

cheapies at old navy and gap

Last week/weekend, I found some really great things at Old Navy and Gap.  They were all cheap and I had some birthday money to spend ... so no guilt here!

At Old Navy, I bought ...

              $3.99                                 $4.99


                   $3.99                                  $3.49         


                  $12.49                                $4.49

At Gap, I bought ...

           $8.98                                                                             $4.93

(Notice the flowy, loose, breezy theme?  Yes, I'm pregnant and getting pregnant-er.)

(If you like these things, most of them are still on sale online, although some of their prices are bumped up a bit.)

Why am I telling you?  Well, I have this thing about being cheap.  I get it from my mama.  Good deals don't follow me, but I certainly don't remember the last time I bought something that wasn't on sale.  

Here are my rules I follow:
1.  Look at the price tag first.  If it's reasonable, look at the item.  If it's not, don't even start a relationship with it.
2.  If the sales are usually in the back, walk straight there.  Don't even let your eyes wander in the front of the store.  
3.  Imagine thrift store/goodwill prices.  All of my items (with the exception of the dress and maybe the long, draped cardigan) were priced like goodwill prices would be.
4.  Ask yourself, "Am I going to feel accomplished and proud or scared and shameful when I tell my husband what I spent our money on?"  That's always a good one to keep rolling through your head.  When both parties are doing that, it makes the budget happy.
5.  Give yourself a limit.  Walk into the store knowing how much you'll allow yourself to spend.  If you try a million things on and they're all cute, then you have to have a draft.  Lay them all out and pick the ones you just can't live without.

I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I just have a thing on spending lots of money on clothes.  It just makes me feel funny.  Everyone has their own thing that they just can't fork out the money for ... what's yours?

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  1. I was just thinking about how I feel guilt about spending money on clothes. I just don't care enough about clothes to justify spending money on them. And I've always been that way - just like you. I also got some birthday money recently (love that our birthdays are so close to each other's!) and I bought only two really cheap tops :)


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