Thursday, August 11, 2011

cd cleanout

Since I'm in this phase they call 'nesting,'  I'm literally cleaning out every inch of our house ... every box, every closet, every file, every drawer, every everything.  I don't want anything in our house that we don't use or need.

As a part of this phase, I am cleaning out our CDs.  There's really no good place to put them, so I'm organizing them, putting them in a storage bin, labeling it, and putting it somewhere.  Of course, the CDs are not in their cases.  They're in humongous CD holders that used to be in our cars.  So, I am going through them and putting the correct CD in the correct CD case.

Not only is this job kind of a silly one, but a funny one.  Here are a few things I've learned about Colt and I so far:

1.  We bought a lot of the same CDs growing up. (the important ones, you know, like N'Sync's debut album; but also, a little more sophisticated ones like Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing.)  We were totally meant to be.
2.  Colt really liked Audio Adrenaline.  A lot.
3.  I really liked/bought albums like "The Best Acoustic Album ... Ever!"  Sick.  I can't even believe myself.

As I'm going through all of these CDs, memories are flooding my mind.  I just may need to expand on some of them in later posts.

What CD do you own that you think is absolutely ridiculous?  I would love to know.


  1. Mmm.. I was a psyched Backstreet Boys fan and I own not only all of their cd's but also ALL of the singles that came out... a total of... maybe 20 CDs?! It's embarrassing and I'm confessing to the world on your blog, Claire!


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