Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a new addiction

I do realize we are possibly the last ones to jump on this bandwagon.  After everyone talks something up, you almost want to do the opposite just for the sake of doing the opposite.  Well, Friday Night Lights was something many of my friends went on and on about.  Colt and I decided to try it out about a week ago.

Oh my gosh.  We love it.  Here are 3 of the 2,951 reasons why:

I love Coach.  He's such a great balance between sweet, southern, church-goin' man and cuss you out because you screwed up on the field man.  

I love Tami.  She is the voice of reason and she's just a cool mom ... not like a 'mean girls' cool mom, but like a real cool mom.

I love Riggins.  Don't ask me why ... just look at him!

I felt compelled to pass on our new addiction in hopes that you, too, might join us in the world of big city/small town Dillon Panther football and drama.  You won't be sorry.


  1. We have got to start watching this show! I've heard such great things, and of course with a son named Riggins we've had everyone ask us if we named him after the show! (Nope! Family name!)

  2. I know Eric told you that we started watching this show too... we're a few episodes into season 2 and we are ADDICTED. All we want to watch. Oh, and I love Riggins too :)


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