Monday, September 19, 2011

finally we are one

The fall semester of my junior year was when I started the debate in my head of liking/not liking Colt.  I went back and forth frequently depending on my mood and how he seemed to be acting.  Well, one day after class, Colt brought a burned CD to me that he thought I would enjoy.  When he handed the Mum CD to me, it looked like this:

After laughing at his 'senior' joke and flirting with each other, I read ... "Finally We Are One."  My heart dropped a little, as I felt like maybe this was the album title or ... could it be?  Was he sending me a very intense signal that he liked me??  Well, in further research I discovered that yes, it was supposed to be the album title; however, Colt was a little off.  The actual album title was "Finally We Are No One."  Yeah, that pretty much sucked the life out of my romantic little dream.  A simple error on his part sent me all the way to the wedding day in my head.  Are you embarrassed for me?  Don't worry ... I was embarrassed for myself.

Once we started dating, I told him about this little miscommunication and we both thought it was pretty funny.  Although he just left out one word, my claim is that he was so smitten already that he just wrote what he was hoping to be true.  Sounds good to me.

I guess that's just what girls do.  We read into things, get ourselves excited, and then realize the pat on the back meant nothing, the text didn't sound the way we thought it did, and the "hey" yelled to us across campus did not mean true love.  I'm sure glad it worked out for us in the end though.  Finally, we are one.


  1. In the end, the title he created was the real one... he definitely knew what he wanted! That's a funny one, for sure!

  2. awww that made me cry.

    ps - yes, that definitely IS what girls do. we create our own fairytales, but sometimes life ends up being just that on its own. :)


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