Monday, October 3, 2011

nm - the rug and other accessories

Time for another Nursery Makeover update!  Here are the things we've added to the room in the past couple of weeks:

I found these little cowboy boots at a thrift store for $3.60.  I liked them and thought they were in great shape, so he could actually wear them one day!

My parents got me this little wagon wheel (Hobby Lobby), the knobs (half off at Hobby Lobby) for the dresser, and our fun orange curtains (JC Penney).  Thanks, mom and dad. :)

We found this poster on Amazon and bought it for $9.73.  We needed something John Wayne in there and the fact that it said "Duke" on it was perfect.  (Oh, p.s. Duke is his first name.  The story behind his name is coming soon!)

We got a rug!  We needed one badly and I knew I wanted some kind of pattern, but wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like.  It feels like we searched forever for a decent sized rug that wasn't expensive.  Leslie suggested I try Garden Ridge and she did not lead me astray!  This rug is 5 x 7 and it was just $54.  Everything else we were looking at was well over $100, which was just not okay for me.  It's grey with a little cream-ish design running through it.

Soon, I'll put up some pictures of the entire nursery once everything is picked up and put away ... which needs to happen fast since he can pretty much come whenever he wants at this point.  :)


  1. Oh yay! I'm so glad you had some luck at Garden Ridge! And the best part is that about a year and a half from now when that rug has dirty little boy shoe prints and some spit up on it, you won't be crying over your $100+ rug! (Not that I have experience with that or anything!) Everything is looking so cute, Claire!

  2. Claire, so fun!! I love the wagon wheel, and oh man, I can't wait to see him wearing those cowboy boots - way to find awesome things for his room that are so affordable! You're a great bargain hunter! And lil' Duke, the world is getting ready for you, come anytime!! (if I can say so...!) :)


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