Thursday, September 29, 2011

cell phones, little dogs, and bad directions

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The other day, my mom and I were in Ross.  I had something to return and was tired of it weighing down on me.  (Is that silly to let it weigh down on me?  Sometimes I feel like after I have this baby I can do nothing but sit in my home ... no cleaning, cooking, no errands, no bank deposits, no nothing.  I'm just a little anxious ... just a little.)  Anyway, the amount of weirdness that we soaked up in such a small time was ridiculous.

First, this older lady, who needed to be in the same part of the store as us at all times, was on her cell phone.  She was so loud.  I found out that she was talking to her 'sis' who was evidently coming to visit soon.  They laughed, they talked, they reminisced, they told stories ... on the phone in Ross.

Naturally, we pulled into the check-out line and cell phone lady pulled up right behind us.  At this point, my mom and I are just about to die laughing.  We can't hide it very well and in most locations, we would need to separate to where we couldn't see each other; but this was not option.  We must hold it together.

It didn't take long for something else to snag my attention.  The lady currently checking out asked the cashier where the nearest TJ Maxx was.  (This lady looked like the kind of lady that carried around a little dog and sipped on martinis throughout the day in a fur coat.)  The cashier answered her correctly, saying that it was just down NW Expressway, past Council Road.  She included that it would maybe take her 5-10 minutes to get there.  The lady continued asking questions on how to get out of the Ross parking lot, onto NW Expressway, and ... a bunch of other questions that probably made more of my hair turn grey.

The lady in front of me was just as fed up.  She said, "Ma'am, where are you trying to go?"  She totally wasn't trying to be helpful.  She was totally informing the little dog lady, in a passive way, that there is a line and she needs to be done.  The little dog lady told her that she was trying to get to TJ Maxx.  The fed up lady said, "Oh, well that's practically out of town!"

I wanted to melt into the ground.  Anyone who has lived in or is familiar with NW OKC knows that the distance between Ross and TJ Maxx on NW Expressway is not only a short one, but NW Expressway and Council is CERTAINLY not "out of town."  I stood there, looking at the little dog lady, passively putting in my two cents by shaking my head deliberately at what the fed up lady said.  Hopefully she got my drift.

Finally, we got up to the counter.  Then, we heard something absolutely unbelievable.  Cell phone lady (behind us) said, "Hey, are you still there?" and continued talking.

She had someone on hold the entire time she was talking with 'sis.'

Welcome to 2011.  You don't put people on hold on your cell phone.  At most, she could have said, "Hey, my sis is calling.  Can I call you back when I'm done talking to her?"  Bam.  It's done.  Easy Peasy.

(And yes, I'm just as annoyed typing 'sis' as I was hearing her say it.)

Anyway, we finally got through the line and made it out of there alive.

Cell phone lady - I hope you learn cell phone etiquette one day.
Little dog lady - I hope you made it to TJ Maxx without crossing the Oklahoma County line.
Fed up lady - I hope you cross the Oklahoma County line on NW Expressway one day and feel really silly.

The End

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