Monday, October 17, 2011

the sing-off (radio hits and 60s classics, part 2)

(SPOILER ALERT:  The eliminated group is mentioned at the end!)

This is really late.  After finally getting around to watching this episode last night online, I finished feeling so uninspired.  It just seemed to be an overall blah night, so I'm going to make this a little on the brief side.

The Deltones:  Their lead vocals are pretty much consistently making me nervous.  I remember being excited about where they might take their bgvs, but they're not really going anywhere interesting.  They're just okay.

Sonos:  You know, I really like them.  I liked their pop hit and I think their risky arrangement of "I Want You Back" was great.  Listen, I know it didn't sound like the real deal and, sure, I would have liked to hear some reminiscent parts of the original BUT who else is taking risks like this?  Really, just Pentatonix.  I applaud Sonos for their creativity and for conquering the voicing challenges that are created by having 5 singers, only 2 of which are men.

North Shore:  I'm really over it.  It's not because I'm young and listen to the radio and don't have respect for the older generation ... I just don't like it.  The most impressive thing that happened was the lead vocal switching from his singing to whistling so quickly.  But, that's not enough to keep listening.

Dartmouth Aires:  "Exciting, energetic, fun ..." Okay, but, are they good?  Their blend just isn't happening sometimes and their pitch just isn't quite on sometimes.

Pentatonix:  Yes.  Exactly.  Thank you.  Bravo.  I love everything they do.  I love their arrangements.  I love their voices.  I love their style.  It seems that they always have a 'breakdown' somewhere in their songs and each one is fabulous.  These people are goin' places.

The Collective:  No, no, no, and no.  I'm confused as to why things are going well for them.  They make me the most nervous out of any group to watch.  I do not think that Rachael and Ruby can carry this group.  I also do not think that a bunch of Nashville soloists are going to make an awesome a cappella group. It's just such a different style.  Meh, I'm just not a fan.

Goodbye to Sonos.  And, yet again, another one of my top 5 groups is gone.  I'm telling you, people, these judges are picking the wrong ones.  Let me rephrase:  They're picking the wrong ones for this early in the competition.  Some of these groups haven't improved, increased creativity, or become more impressive, so I'm confused as to why those groups aren't leaving.  I'm going to have to readjust my top 5 ... except that ... I don't like anybody else as much as I love those other 3!  So, my updated list goes like this:

1.  Pentatonix
2.  Afro-Blue
3.  Delilah

If any of these groups gets eliminated before the top 3, I will just melt into the ground.  Hopefully tonight's episode will restore my faith in the competition.

Okay, switching subjects ... don't forget to vote over at the right on when you think Duke will be here.  Today is the last day to vote!

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