Tuesday, October 18, 2011

updates for our guest room/bathroom

In the 'nesting process' I was undergoing these past few months, we made a few changes in our home.  Of course, we set up our nursery (final pictures still to come), but we also needed to turn our 'office' into the guest room.  It never really was an office.  It was a desk with some shelves and lots of piles of crap.  We love having a guest room, so we got rid of all of our office-y stuff so that this could happen.

So, here is the room before:

... and after:

It's still not perfect, as you can see.  The lovely cases next to the bed are not in the optimal place, but for now, that's where they are.

We also decided to change up our guest bathroom as well.  It's a jack-and-jill set up where both the nursery and guest room have doors into the bathroom.  Before, it was just whatever I wanted it to be, but I figured I'd try and make it a little more gender neutral-ish since eventually a boy will be using it as his bathroom.

I don't have a before, but here it is after:

I'm a sucker for trees.  And the burlap curtains aren't 'done,' although they might just stay like that for awhile.  I'm planning on having my lovely friend, Sara, help me iron on that stitch witchery stuff.  And yes, I know that's silly because I could probably do it on my own, but you'd be surprised how I can mess up really easy things.

Things are starting to slow down and we're just ... waiting.  Waiting on that third little person to join us in our home. :)

(Don't forget to vote on when Duke will arrive!  Time is running out!)


  1. Love the guest room & the bathroom colors are Be-u-ti-ful!!
    Nice job on the nesting process!! Can't wait to meet your newest houseguest!

  2. Woohoo! It looks awesome!

    So excited to see the nursery!


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