Friday, November 18, 2011

the sing-off (the past 4 weeks)

Obviously, I've taken a little break from reviewing The Sing-Off.  I've caught up on the past 4 weeks now and I feel like everything that's been said about every group is still the same.

We're left with Pentatonix, Afro Blue, Urban Method, and the Dartmouth Aires.  Why are we left with these being the top 4?  I have no idea.  I'm pretty surprised that Urban Method and the Dartmouth Aires have stayed on this long.  Like I've said before, I think Sonos and Delilah should have been around at this point.  I can say with confidence that it will come down to Pentatonix and Afro Blue.  And Pentatonix will win.

Unless ...

Unless America votes like they vote for American Idol and pick the wrong people to stay around.  Yeah, America votes next week, leaving us with the top 3 (from what I understand).  Oh, America ... let's please not be idiots.

So, who should go?  I really don't care either way if it's Urban Method or the Dartmouth Aires, but I'm leaning more towards the Aires.  What do you think?

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