Wednesday, February 29, 2012

19 year old grandma

Today is my Mama Lue's birthday.  This will be the 19th time she's gotten to celebrate on her actual birthday ... February 29th.

(This was taken my senior year of high school while Show Choir was singing at Penn Square Mall.)

My Mama Lue is one of the greatest people I know.  I can say for certain that all of her friends and family members feel the same way.  I'm not there with her every morning, but I think she gets up each day thinking, "This will be the best day of my life!"

She's such a positive and affirming person to be around and she has passed this onto my mother.  I grew up getting big reactions for everything.  I would tell a funny story.  My Mama Lue would say things like, "I love it, Claire!  You are just the cutest one!  You are just the best little story teller I know!  I'm just tickled to be able to listen to your great story!  Please tell it again!"  I'm telling you .... big reactions.  After hearing that all of my life, getting married was quite a shocker.  Colt's not going to do cartwheels and jumping jacks because I put the dishes away??  No fair.  But, don't worry.  We've worked through this.

My Mama Lue makes me cookies, buys me Starbucks, and sends me homemade cards.  I hardly ever leave her presence empty handed.  But that's not what makes her so wonderful.

Mama Lue has compassion on everyone.  There is no one that falls outside of it.  Mama Lue is selfless.  She gives of her time and talents to others whenever she can.  Mama Lue is smart.  She let us have a sausage biscuit at McDonald's when we were little, but only after we walked through the neighborhood and across the street to get there.  I think she was already teaching us a thing or two about what you eat and the importance of being active.  That may seem like a small thing but I won't forget it. 

When we spent time with her as little kids, it was time well spent.  We learned things, we saw things, we played, we talked ... and I can already see my mom doing these same things with Duke.

I am blessed to have a lot of wonderful people in my life and I could do a post for each one of them. But today, Leap Day, is Mama Lue's day.  Happy birthday, Mama Lue!

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