Tuesday, February 28, 2012

nm - final product

Wow, it only took 4 months for me to get this post up.  Welcome to having a baby.

After months and months of preparing and looking for just the right things, Duke's nursery was finished.  Luckily, it was done before he arrived on his due date.  It was definitely a close one though. 

 My parents gave this to us and we love it!


 This changing table/dresser is one of my favorite pieces in the nursery.

The photo on the top left is a picture of Colt on a horse as a little boy.  Jill, my mother-in-law, gave that to us along with the one right below it, which she did herself.  I thought grouping these 3 things together would be fun.

And there it is ... the corner where I spent a LOT of time the first several weeks.

Love this little thrift store find!

This is the toy chest my dad made for me.  And now, it contains all of Duke's toys. :)

And yes, all of these quality photos were taken with my iPhone.  It's real life, people.

To see the step-by-step progress, check out the other Nursery Makeover entries.

Well, as I listed in the first Nursery Makeover post, my goals were to:
1.  Create a space that our boy will enjoy for many years before he thinks it's stupid.
2.  Create a room that I enjoy being in/looking at because, let's face it, I'll basically be living there for awhile.
3.  Make it cute and cheap!

I love his room and I love the thought behind every little trinket and purchase. "Rustic, vintage, western, and cowboy" were the words I used to describe what I was going for.  I think I accomplished that.  And I did it without Woody from Toy Story, denim, and Texas stars.  :)

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