Friday, February 10, 2012

friday favorite - my undiscovered sister

I realize that I'm bias, but I do believe that my sister is one of the most talented singers out there.  She could easily hang with the other contestants on American Idol or The Voice.

Karlie is 5 years younger than me.  Growing up, my parents took the 3 of us kids from church to church singing as a family.  It was weird when the transition happened from that's just my little sister singing on the stage to oh my gosh, she's good. 

The unique thing about Karlie is that she can sing any style.  She leads a lot of music at her church, she sings with a jazz combo, she does little acoustic-y covers, she can whip out some art music in a foreign language, and she even has a little country in her.  It's pretty ridiculous.  I don't know any other singer that is as versatile as her.  There are plenty of singers that are experts in their genre.  But Karlie is not just an expert in one genre ... she can do them all.

Here are just a few clips of some things she's done lately.

To keep up with new uploaded videos, visit this blog that one of her friends started.  Leave comments and make some requests!

It's pretty neat to be related to her.  Not only do we enjoy each other's company, but we have so much fun making music together.  She and I have a couple of songs on my album that will be done pretty soon.  I can't wait to hear the final product.

I hope you enjoyed listening to her lovely voice.  She's definitely a favorite of mine. :)  Maybe someday the world will get to hear her!

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