Friday, May 18, 2012

the evening of

Nursing + Music + International Relations + English + Accounting + Spanish = The Evening Of

(Ladies, I do realize I may have generalized things a bit.  Just go with it. :))

"The Evening Of" was a magical night that happened several times my senior year of college.  There were 8 of us girls and between us, we studied those areas listed above.  We hung out with each other a lot, of course, but one day we decided to put a little purpose with it.  "The Evening Of" was born. 

The purpose was to share something enlightening from our area of study ... something we felt passionate about sharing, something we felt would benefit the group, or something that was just interesting.  We'd find ourselves in conversations I would have never imagined myself taking part of. (I think we all remember the night we couldn't stop talking about Roth IRAs, thanks to Natali.)  Everyone would share and everyone would learn.

I can't fully express how blessed I feel to know these ladies.  I can't put into words how wonderful it was having friends that were so similar to me but yet interested in so many different things.  That makes you a better person for sure.

Here's a quick glance into these ladies' personalities ...

Sara (Nursing) - the one who gives to people and when she runs out of things/time to give, she gives some more
Laci (Nursing) - the one who laughs and makes you feel like you're the most hilarious person on the planet
Amanda (Nursing) - the one who gives really good hugs and helps you talk through your stress
Abby (International Relations) - the one who is really disciplined in pretty much everything and could run the world
Ashley (English) - the one who moves in crazy ways when she talks while also speaking beautifully and intelligently
Natali (Accounting) - the one who is a really hard worker and is full of witty one-liners
Caroline (Spanish) - the one who is incredibly sweet and is always an exceptional listener

These are the most creative, talented, intelligent, and beautiful girls.  I'm tellin' ya, you need to know them.

In fact, it's this very group of girls that got me to start this blog.  Once the summer after graduation hit, we messaged each other and said we should all start blogs in order to keep up with one another.  That's what started this whole thing.  It's sweet to me that something I really love and enjoy grew out of that group of women.  It makes this blog even more meaningful.

The picture that has remained my profile picture forever has now retired to the "About" section under "Why blog?"  I know most of you don't care, but for the 7 of you in the picture, I still love you.  When (if) people want to read about why this blog exists, I want them to see your little faces.

There are so many days I wish I could just jump back in that picture ... even for just 5 minutes.  Love you all!

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