Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend review - bongos, stillwater, and a recital

It's always nice to have a weekend every once and awhile where you actually get things done.

Friday we went to Blackwatch to record.  We finished up my piano stuff and Colt's lead vocals.  Next up are background vocals.  We're getting so close!

(Bongos and rice cereal ... oh, and a lighter.) 

(No bongos are actually being used on our album by the way.)

We got McDowell's on the way home.  (That's our name for McDonald's.  Makes it sound a little nicer and not as toxic to our bodies, right?)  I enjoyed every single fry.  I'm not ashamed.

We spent all day Saturday in Stillwater with Colt's family.  This was my view for most of the day:

Isn't it wonderful?  Their deck is just one of the best places to be.

Yesterday was recital day for my piano students.  They were beyond thrilled.

That's a joke.  Most students hate recitals and dread them from the moment their teacher writes the date on their assignment book.  That's how I was at least.  It's funny being on the other side of things now.  Although I do get anxious for my students to play, I get to actually enjoy the recital.  

Nerves typically just go with the territory of performing, but a goal of mine is to try my hardest to create a relaxed atmosphere from the beginning.  I want my students to feel at ease from the moment they step foot in my house for their first lesson all the way to their first recital and so on. They all did a great job and played very well.

So, I'd say I got a lot done this weekend.  Oh, and I even shaved my legs.  Now that's an accomplishment!

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