Tuesday, June 12, 2012

singing adele while changing diapers

Yesterday was a productive day.  Not only because I washed my face and brushed my teeth before 10:00 a.m., but I also started and finished the laundry in the same day.  That's always my goal but laundry usually finds a way to overlap into the next day for me - which just makes it even more terrible than it already is.

The day started with me getting out all of Duke's baby book stuff that I'm in the process of updating.  I have his actual baby book and then I have his Baby's First Year Calendar.  I am just all frazzled thinking about getting both of them completely and equally up-to-date.  I pride myself in having a really good memory but I am so nervous that I'm going to forget important things when it comes to Duke.

And I don't know where to stop.  Obviously, the milestones are important.  The fact that I sing really crazy renditions of "Someone Like You" to Duke when I'm changing his diaper is probably not important.  Right?  Or maybe it is.  Maybe I'll want to remember that later.  And see, there I go.  I feel like I need to document every little thing that has ever happened to Duke.  This is why I said I'm "in the process" of updating.  I haven't actually updated.  I've just looked at it.  Maybe I'll just save it for tomorrow.

Another thing - we need to talk about dogs.  Our dogs need some serious attention.  We feed them, give them water, and occasionally (I mean really occasionally) take them on walks.  We're not terrible dog owners, but we certainly don't operate under the philosophy that our pets are people.  They are dogs and they live outside.  Anyway, Ellie has gobs of hair all over her body just waiting to fall out and Bagheera is shedding a lot also.  They need their winter coats taken out (or however you officially say it) and they need shots.  I don't know which ones.  I have no idea what their status is.  I think we may just take them in and say, "Do what you need to do."  How much should we expect to pay for this kind of thing?

And last night, we had a little picnic in the gardens with some friends and couldn't resist a few downtown Thunder pics.

(Colt, Phil, and the kids) 

(Aren't they just precious?)

In conclusion, THUNDER UP!


  1. I will personally come over and brush, bathe, and take your dogs to be vaccinated. I am one of those who believes that my pet is my daughter, but seriously vaccinate those puppies asap.

    1. Well, we could always offer you coffee and dessert in return. But, yes, I know. We'll get to it!


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