Monday, June 25, 2012

weekend review - hungry and funky

A weekend is not quite a weekend unless it starts with a fight between you and your significant other.  Am I right or am I right?

So, that's how Friday night started out.  We said snooty things to each other, compared who's life was harder, and interrupted a lot.  Or, maybe that was just me that did those things.  Actually, yes, I think it was.  Anyway, we decided we really love each other and that I was just freakishly hungry and needed to eat.

(I turn into Viola Swamp when I'm hungry.  Which is kind of all the time since Duke steals my calories.)

Saturday morning, Colt took Duke on a little run so I could have a little moment to myself while cooking breakfast.  Thanks to Regina for the tunes.

(Breakfast is served.)

Later that day we had a family get together.  We have these about every other month to celebrate birthdays.  My mom's side (my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) all live around here.  From our house, we could be at each of their homes in 15-25 minutes.  So, we get together often.

There have probably been 3 times in Duke's life when he has just not gone down for a main nap.  (Main naps are morning and afternoon naps in my book.)  Well, he decided this day would be one of them.  So, after being up for 3 hours straight, he got a little impossible.  Unfortunately, we went home early, Duke took a nap, and I pondered motherhood.  (This is actually still my current state.  I don't know what's going on but I've been in a complete post-postpartum funk off and on for about a week.  It deserves a separate post.  Trust me.)

Sunday we skipped church due to my issues.  After Duke's morning nap, we headed over to my parents' house.  It doesn't matter if you're almost 26 years old.  If you've got a problem that won't go away, a mom's hug not only brings out the tears, but it makes you feel so much better.  Spending time at their house was definitely refreshing, but the underlying funk was still there.

This seems like a semi-depressing weekend review, but it's just the truth.  It really was a fine weekend.  I've just got to figure myself out.  I'm thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family while doing it though.  And, of course, Colt is a superhero dealing with my many moods.  I love that guy.

Here's to a hopeful week ahead and de-funking.


  1. I can relate to you about the "getting really mean while hungry" situation. Eric is actually that way... Whenever he gets rather "unpleasant" I ask if he's hungry and it usually turns out he hasn't eaten in forever!

    Anyway, I look forward to your post on "contemplating motherhood!"

  2. ditto to looking forward to the post on your evolving feelings about motherhood!

    also that plate -- we have a full set of those, platter included, thanks to a stillwater garage sale years ago. isn't vintage diningware the best?

    1. How fun! I found those plates at a thrift store last summer. We love them!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I think the "funk" comes and goes in least it has for me for the past 20 months! So, you definitely aren't the only one. And, those missed nap days make it even worse!

    1. Good to know. Thanks for making me feel normal. :)

  5. This post made me feel so much better! I am not alone in my motherhood funk! I have a switch that goes off and on for mine and was really beginning to question how other moms are able to be so happy all the time! As always, thank you for your post!


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