Thursday, June 7, 2012

xanga memories - ellipses and boys

Once upon a time, there was Xanga.  It collected memories from my last few months of high school and followed me into college.  Once I started my junior year of college, I quit doing it.

But the other day I was thinking about my Xanga and some of the ridiculous thoughts that are recorded there.  So, I decided I'd start picking posts from the vast array of silly material that is on my Xanga and put it right here for you to read.  And for me to laugh at.  You know, just in case something happens and my Xanga disappears.  At least I'll have my troubled late teen years recorded here.

Monday, April 05, 2004
soo...have you ever met someone and thought......"well.....he's nice...he's cute.....he's a good person...and he's...well...kinda funny..."?...i'm sure you have..and the days talk to each other learn more about each other...but then...weeks pass....he talks to you more...he learns more about you...he keeps asking questions....he shows morre interest.....and..BAM.....ITS ANNOYING! whew..had to get that out..haha....uhh..anyway!...i'm gonna go take a nap....before the choir concert......haha....gallee i can't believe contest is wednesday!....and show choir contest is next wednesday!! thats insane!...ohh and today the seniors got these health form things that our parents have to sign because.....this thursday is 'the video' know.....'the video'.....well..that should be to my nap :)

Ellipses, anyone?  Unfortunately, a good chunk of my posts look like this.

More importantly, can we talk about how I acted like I was inconvenienced and irritated by a boy showing interest in me?  Calm down, young Claire.  But it was the end of my senior year of high school and I was such a grouchy pants.  I'm just glad I still have friends ... especially ... since they ... read ... my xanga.


  1. So your post made me go back to mine and reminisce a little bit. And I came across this in one of my posts:

    "Claire and I have recently discovered that we are twins separated at birth. It's kind of an emotional time for the both of us, so if you could just let us be while we put together the two halves of our heart lockets, that would be great..."

    Hahaha, still true, eh?

    1. haha That is great! And yes, still true. :) Thank goodness for Xanga.


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