Wednesday, August 29, 2012

cloth diaper sprayer

I first heard about this from a good friend who was pregnant at the same time as me.  We were both planning on diving into the world of cloth diapers and using Fuzzibunz.  She found this on Pinterest and I repinned it.  Colt and I decided that a cloth diaper sprayer was something we should invest in.  My dad and Colt just used this website as a guide, but then went ahead and got the individual pieces at a home improvement store.

Why a cloth diaper sprayer?  It's really helpful for those runny diapers at first.  We started our cloth diapers around 3 months and Duke started rice cereal at 4 months.  So although we didn't have to deal with runny poop in the cloth diapers for too long, we still were/are very glad we have a sprayer.

With a cloth diaper sprayer, you can hold the diaper over the toilet, spray off the poop, and then stick the diaper in your basket/pail/bag in your garage.  (That's what we do.)  As babies eat more solids, their poop changes.  Once it's not runny, it's actually pretty easy to just plop off in the toilet with barely any residue on the diaper.  But if the residue bothers you, you have the sprayer.

For me, it's not the number of times I've used it that makes it worth it.  It's the fact that it's there for those extra messy diapers.

Do any of you cloth diaper users have a sprayer?


  1. We don't have a sprayer. I have actually wondered many times if it would be worth it to invest in one. We just dunk the diaper in the toilet then transfer it to our pail, which is right next to the toilet. So far, it has worked pretty well. We just hold the corners of the diaper and our hands dont get wet or dirty.

    1. Yeah, the sprayer is helpful, but definitely not a make or break issue when it comes to cloth diapering. Your method sounds like a great one!

  2. I first saw the sprayer at the Bottomly's and when I went to the cloth diaper 101 class in Vancouver, WA the person who was leading the discussion really recommended it. Needles to say, we got it right there. It's been a great investment, I'm glad you blogged about it! Oh, and thanks for the link to our blog. :)


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