Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend review - wallpaper, biting, and the nba lockout

Friday I spent the day finishing up the wallpaper removal in our master bathroom.  Well, almost finishing.  I was so excited to discover that there were actually two layers of wallpaper coming off on some parts of the wall.  Evidently, the people before us attempted to remove some wallpaper so they could put up their own wallpaper.  Then they probably got really annoyed and started throwing things and decided to stop.  So, now I'm left to peel off both layers.

I've found that the only thing to keep me sane during this process has been music.  So far, I've listened to Regina Spektor (of course), Missy Higgins (I like singing with an accent), Sara Bareilles (she's fun), Third Eye Blind (one of my favorite male voices), and Vanessa Carlton (I wanted to be her).  Gosh, Vanessa and Stephan, why couldn't you have made it work?


Colt and I got to spend Friday and Saturday in Norman for a church retreat.  It was really nice to get away and get to know some people that I had only seen from a distance.  I had some great conversations, some great moments with the Lord, and played a really exciting round of Rififi (probably my new favorite card game).

We stayed overnight at Ashley and Eric's home in Norman on Friday night.  We walked in the door and were greeted with some yummy apple cake Ashley had made.  We chitty chatted for awhile about babies, golf, and interior paint.  You know, the usual.

We were only away from Duke for about 24 hours, but boy was I ready to see him.  He's just so full of life and smiles and sounds.  I couldn't wait to get back to him!

Last night, while Colt was at church doing the youth music, Duke and I went to a couple thrift stores near our home.  He's such a fun buddy to have with me.  Everyone always wants to talk to him and the noises he makes as we walk down the aisles are really fun.  I have a feeling once he gets older, he won't be so excited to go thrifting with mom.  That's like a death sentence to a 12 year old boy.  So I'm soaking it up now.  :)

Oh, and Duke bit me last night while eating ... twice.  Six teeth sure do make that interesting.  I suddenly let out a growly, moany yell and Colt bolted in the room.  I almost cried but then I remembered that I once birthed this child without drugs so I'd probably be okay.  From the beginning, I'd planned to breastfeed for a year, which means the weaning process begins in a few weeks.  And although there are mixed emotions, at this moment I'm pretty excited about it.

These last two things have nothing to do with my weekend, but I need to share them.

1.  A friend of mine is trying to win a Vespa and the competition is over in a few days.  Right now she's in 2nd place so we just need more people to vote.  You can vote once a day and it's very easy.  Click here and register to create a login. Then search "mmcbeath" and vote for her picture (it's a picture of a sunset in a mirror).  Do it!

2.  Some of my college friends wrote a musical about the NBA lockout and ESPN wrote about it here.  It's just so cool!  These guys are so talented and I'm so proud to say I know them.

Okay, that's all.  Pray for me as I scrape the last of this blasted wallpaper.


  1. "I have a feeling once he gets older, he won't be so excited to go thrifting with mom." Once he gets a little older, you won't be so excited to go thrifting with him either! We're in a stage where I wouldn't dream of taking Riggins into any store with an abundance of breakables :)

  2. Arg, I can't believe that there was MORE wallpaper underneath the other paper... I know you're going to finish SO soon!

    Thanks so much for spending the night with us. It was worth staying up late to get to hang out with you guys. Let's have a paint date soon!

    1. Today just may be the last day of scraping! (My hand is about to fall off after over a week of it.) And hey, we really might take you up on that paint date sometime!


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