Monday, August 20, 2012

weekend review - starbucks and projects

Friday morning was a beautiful start to the weekend.  The 70 degree weather was wonderful as I enjoyed some oatmeal and coffee on the porch.

Then, I got this little guy in the mail.

Awesome.  Oh wow.  Like totally freak me out I mean right on.

The weekend was off to a great start.  And then it hit me - one of those motherhood funks.  Except this one wasn't related to motherhood, so I guess it was just a funk - a housewife funk.  The kind where if you unload one more load of dishes or wipe one more counter top you think you may explode.  So I thought, what would I do if all of my chores were done?  I'd go to a thrift store and get an iced white mocha from Starbucks.  So I did just that.

I came back happy, refreshed, and ready to unload that dishwasher.

The Chambers family came over that night for pizza, as Kelsey and I were probably both in the mood for some adult interaction.  And Duke, Kai, and Whit got to exchange some "aaaaaaah"'s and "dadada"'s.  They have really meaningful conversations.

Saturday morning, Colt and I ate breakfast before Duke got up.  After Duke was fed, we made a run to Home Depot.  Project time!

We've been making lists in our head for awhile now of the things we'd love to change about our home.  We each picked one thing and got started.  Colt chose to conquer canned lighting in our living room and music room.  I chose to conquer our master bathroom.

Stay tuned to see what we come up with!

We spent all day Saturday working on these projects and spent the evening relaxing.

Sunday was just a regular day filled with church, naps, and leftovers.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. My favorite parts about sundays are: naps & leftovers. :) Excited to see your project coming to life!

  2. Wasn't Sunday just the most lovely day?! We literally ate every meal on the porch. I'm hoping that the weather continues that way...

    Let's hang out soon?

    1. YES, it was! And yes, I was just telling Colt that I wanted to get together with you guys. We'll FB message guuurl.


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