Tuesday, October 2, 2012

chips and queso with jen and melanie

Last night, I went with Sara and Reese to hear Jen Hatmaker speak.  (You know, the girl who wrote this book that will make you want to throw away everything you own and only eat avocados and eggs for the rest of your life?)

We laughed, we teared up, and we learned a lot.  She's just so good with words.  And she's good with words everywhere - her blog, her books, her speaking.  I can't imagine that.  I've always envied people who can talk for long periods of time without using "um," "like," "whatever," and "you know."  Now that's a gift, people. 

I want to be her friend so bad.  When we went to go get our picture taken with her, we tried to play it cool.  However, I think we may have overcompensated, creating the exact opposite result.

But it's really Sara's fault.  One minute Sara said, "Claire, we'll get a picture of you with her!"  I mean, I wasn't opposed to it, but I didn't really want to do it alone, so I said, "Oh, I don't need a picture with her!  It's fine!"  And the next minute, the three of us were all in a picture with her and Sara was telling Jen she wanted to live with her.  Yeah, it was a quick jump for their relationship.

After we had our minute of fame, we went to Taco Bueno for a snack (because we don't do anything together without eating).  We talked about Jen and how cool she was and how we want to be friends with her and Melanie from Big Mama.  Can't we all just meet up in Austin for some chips and queso and free refills of coke?  Is that too much to ask?  You girls just think about it and you let us know, mkay?  Mkay.


  1. oh my stars...i love sara. she's hilarious. I saw that announcement at church on Sunday. Wish I would've been able to go but alas, I had class that night! #regret ;)

    1. Aw, wish you could have come! It was so great! And yes, Sara is quite the hilarious handful. ;)


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