Tuesday, October 30, 2012

closet organization with the riley group

I have mentioned my closet's unfortunate state before here and here.  But finally, I have made legitimate steps towards recovery.

Step 1:  We had a garage sale.

Step 2:  I did my research and got inspired.  This blog is all about your closet.  This post really got me thinking this summer on how I needed to edit my wardrobe.  I love Kendi Everyday's working closet series.  I started reading Jen Hatmaker's book called "7" and quickly fell in love.  I'm hoping her chapters on clothing, shopping, and possessions are helpful to me.

Step 3:  Cassie from The Riley Group helped me reorganize my closet!

We met a few weeks ago for a consult so she could take a look at my situation.  My situation was this:

Pretty gross.  There was no order to my closet at all.  She wrote a few things down and gave me some ideas for what I could purchase that would help my closet become functional.  I decided on one adjustable shelf and 6 bins.

Last week, Cassie came back and we did this:

There it all is.  Can you even believe all of that was in my closet?  It looks ridiculous.

We started at the top.  We organized purses, bags, gloves, tights, hats, etc. into labeled bins.

Next on the list was shoes.  We put the shoes I wear the most on the shelf so I could access them easily.  We made this bin for all the others:

Then it was time to address the mounds of clothes.  She organized everything into these categories:

Workout Pants/PJ Pants
Long-Sleeved Tops
Short-Sleeved Tops
Long-Sleeved Cardigans/Jackets

Within each category, they were organized by good ole Roy G Biv. 

She put everything back in the closet with the hangers going the opposite way.  This is so that in 6 months, I will be able to see what I've worn and what I haven't worn by whether or not the hanger is turned.  If I haven't worn it in 6 months, it can probably go in the donation pile.  I love this idea because it's something practical I can stick to.

Here's the finished product:

It's like a breath of fresh air walking into my room and knowing that my closet is organized.  If you all are feeling overwhelmed by lack of organization somewhere in your home, you should definitely contact The Riley Group!


  1. Oh man, this post gives me the chills (the good kind). I love closet organizing - I re-organize all my closets about once a year. Yes, I am a nerd, but the after is so amazing! And organized closet is so freeing, so beautiful! Ok, I'll stop before Blogger thinks I'm a spammer :)

    Seriously, you guys did such a great job. I was planning a closet organizing post and your post gave me the nudge to hurry up and go write it!

    1. Yeah, I think I'm hooked on closet organization now! Our guest closet has turned into a mess of craft stuff, music equipment, and baby toys that Duke's grown out of. It definitely needs some help so that will be my next project!

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