Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend review - a floor tom, a dress, and a one year old

On Friday, Karlie and I did this:

We started practicing for The Girlie Show!  Watching me set up the tom and kick was pretty embarrassing amusing.  (Phil would've been so disappointed.)  But I figured it out and who cares if I had to google "how to set up a floor tom."

You guys should totally come.

I had a lovely morning on Saturday.  My mom, sister, and I met for breakfast at Panera and then went to find Karlie a dress for Harvest Court.

She's been nominated for Best All-Around.  This is also the category in which Mark, Colt, and myself were nominated.  We kept telling her that in order to keep up with family tradition, she better be up for it.  And then lose.

That afternoon, Colt and I did some party preparation.  We had a small gathering of close friends/family over for Duke's first birthday.  More details and pictures of the party to come, but here's a sneak peak.

On Sunday, Colt and I played at Cherokee Hills with Mark, Karlie, and band.  The four of us haven't done music together in a long time.  It was really fun.  It was also refreshing to play at a church like OLCC where people come in the doors smiling, excited to hear your music (rather than covering their ears) and where they are eager to welcome and meet you.  So thanks, CHBC.

Duke and I closed out our Sunday evening with a little playtime outside.  Pant-less in October.  My A/C and heat are truly confused.


  1. "Best All-Around" - haha, worst category EVER. But then of course, I totally put on a dress and lived it up :)

    Happy 1st Birthday to Duke!

  2. Karlie is TOTALLY going to win and break the family tradition y'all have going on. :) And go ahread and shove that cake in your mouth Mr. Duke!! Oh, I love that picture!!


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