Wednesday, October 17, 2012

how to wash fuzzibunz cloth diapers

First of all, you need detergent that will work with cloth diapers.  Click here to see the list that the Fuzzibunz website provides.  We have used the actual Fuzzibunz brand and are currently using the Rockin' Green brand.
Here's how the whole washing process goes for us:

1.  Take inserts out of the diapers and throw everything (diapers and inserts) in the washer.

2.  Run a cold cycle.  (This is to rinse off residue and gunk.)

3.  Run a hot cycle with the detergent.

4.  Run a cold cycle.

5.  Run another cold cycle.

6.  Hang them out to dry on a line, your dining room chairs, hangers, whatever you have.

Depending on how many cloth diapers you have, you'll want to do a load of diapers fairly frequently.  I have 19 cloth diapers, so my goal is to try and do a load every other day.  If I stick to that, I won't find myself with all dirty cloth diapers and no clean ones.

Back when I did my initial "why cloth diapers" post, the subject of detergent and washing came up.  Would those things counteract any money that you would be saving from doing cloth diapers in the first place?  Well, I'm here to tell you that extra loads of cloth diapers each week still make it worth our while.  We still save money.  If you're die hard about it and you never use disposables ever, you'll save money.  If you're not that die hard about it and use disposables when you're out, you'll still save money.  If you need to save money, the bottom line is that you will with cloth diapers.

If you're concerned about the washing process, don't be.  Don't let it deter you from doing cloth diapers.  You throw the diapers in, run 4 cycles, and hang them out to dry.  It's hassle-free.

I'm certainly not the expert on cloth diapers.  We only use Fuzzibunz, so if your cloth diaper brand, detergent, or washing process is different, please comment and share!


  1. This post came at the perfect time. I am stripping my diapers right now... again. Have you ever had ammonia issues? I mainly only have them with my toddler, but since he and my little baby share the cloth stash, they are both getting ammonia burns. I have been fighting it for about a month now... striping them then starting with a new routine. We had been using Rockin Green and Funk Rock, but I think that the detergent may be the problem. About the time we switched to Rockin Green was the time we started having the ammonia issues. What detergent do you use?

    1. Interesting. So far, we haven't experienced ammonia burns. We've always used the Fuzzibunz brand of detergent, but are getting ready to try Rockin' Green for the first time. If we start having ammonia issues after using it, I guess we'll know what's to blame!

      What's your process for stripping your diapers?

  2. So far, I have done it two different ways. Prior to this current stripping, I have boiled all the inserts and used regular dawn to hand wash the covers then put them in the washer and rinsed them over and over. This time I put it all in the washer and used tea tree oil and dawn and lots of hot cycles. I hope it works, because boiling inserts takes forever. I just bought some Tide powder detergent to try. We will see if it works better than all the fancy cd detergents.

  3. Also, I am going to start doing two cold cycles after my hot cycle like you do. I had been just doing one cold rinse after the hot cycle. I am willing to try anything at this point.

    1. You'll have to let me know how it goes. I hope it helps!


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